2018 Awards Night: Joe Emerling Receives Community Service-Individual Award

From the event’s program:

This Award Sponsored by Emerling Dealerships

Joe Emerling has shaped the Main Street we see today by rebuilding and developing 56 East Main, 21 East Main, and the Waite Building. He had a vision of how our Main Street should be, and with older proprietors such as Stan Krezmein, Bill Little, and Bob Simon encouraging him, he rebuilt 56 Main into a mini-mall that has housed a variety of start-up businesses. He rebuilt the historic Waite building at 25 East Main and recruited Springville Pediatrics as a primary tenant  He restored 21 East Main into a medical care unit that houses WNY Urology Associates.

But Joe’s service is so much more. He has always assisted youth and youth organizations. If he knew of individuals who needed assistance or advice, he was there for them. He has employed many young adults and gave advice in life lessons when needed. He donates to youth groups to support their fundraising. Perhaps because he raised two children, Nicole and Judd, and now has five granddaughters, he has the patience and wisdom to care for the younger generation. We couldn’t have a greater advocate for the youth in Springville.

Joe’s concern for our Village Center led him to be a member of the Village Planning Board, where he has helped steer Village growth for more than 20 years. His participation in local government is another example of his love and service to our community, another example of how he is a great cheerleader for our community.

He is an advocate and mentor for the new generation of store owners and proprietors in our Village Center.  He sees in them the energy and the vision he had in his younger days. He is hopeful that their plans for retail and residential use of our Village Center buildings will continue so that our downtown remains vital. He knows that this is Springville’s succession plan — as the older businesses and the older buildings age.  Joe is a mentor to the young business owners because he has been there and done it years ago. And that is community service that might otherwise go unnoticed.