2018 DEC Community Arts, Arts Education and Artist Grants

The Community Arts DEC Grant provides financial & technical assistance for community-based arts activities offered by eligible nonprofit organizations and/or individual artists with community partners in Erie and Niagara Counties. Requests can be made between $500 – $5,000.

The Arts Education DEC Grant provides financial & technical assistance to eligible organizations and/or individual and teaching artists to support arts education projects in K-12 public school and publicly funded charter school settings and after-school programs. Funds can support arts education projects that take place in-school during the school day and in after-school settings for youth. Requests can be made between $500 – $5,000.

The Individual Artist DEC Grant supports the creation of a new work from an artist that engages the community through the artists’ creative process. Artists residing in Erie and Niagara Counties are eligible to apply for community-based art works. The goal of this funding is to support the creative work of individual artists in all disciplines while encouraging interaction between artists and community members to highlight the role of the artist as a community resource.***Requests are a flat $2,500 commission

Information sessions are highly encouraged for any first time applicants or any past applicant wanting a refresher. RSVP for a session at info@asiwny.org or call 716.362.8389 x512.

Thursday, August 10 – 2pm
Springville Center for the Arts (Vacanti Classroom – 37 North Buffalo St., Springville)

Application and Materials Now Available at www.asiwny.org