2018 Awards Night: Concord Historical Society Receives Non-Profit of the Year

From the event’s program:

There’s no better way to get a glimpse of local history than through the lens of the Concord Historical Society. Did you know that the Lucy Bensley Center has searchable newspapers online from Springville? Or that the Concord Mercantile showcases musical talent weekly? Or that the Heritage Building recreates downtown Springville from 1920-1960? Or that genealogy volunteers can help you with research and access to online resources, handwritten journals, photographs and high school annuals? And don’t forget about the Pop Warner Museum where you can you can learn all about the  great Glenn “Pop” Warner and his 43 year coaching career.
The Concord Historical Society seeks to educate, preserve and promote the rich history of Concord and this part of Erie County, dating back to the Holland Land Purchase. It partners with Echoes Through Times Civil War Museum and have their 2,000+ book collection that can be researched at their Main St. location. Most importantly, this group looks toward the future, building programs and preserving the heritage of the Town of Concord for generations to come.
History should not be forgotten, it cannot be changed, and it should be read, researched and appreciated. Contact the Society to bring your class down to visit, see the Heritage Building, or visit the Mercantile or Pop Warner Museum or work with a volunteer at the
genealogy library to research  your own personal history.