Ashford, NY

The Town of Ashford is in Cattaraugus County. The town’s website contains a variety of pages, and each one contains numerous useful links. The community page contains multiple links, including to churches, local businesses, and the local fire department. The town government page offers links to the supervisor, town clerk, and other local government departments and officials. The minutes/local laws page is helpful for anyone who wants to learn about town meetings or local laws. The community calendar page provides residents with a convenient way to keep up with what’s going on in the town. Additional links make it easy to learn about the town’s history and local attractions.

“The town’s population was 2,132 at the 2010 census. The town is on the county’s northern border. The town was first settled around 1816, and it was founded in 1824 by Henry Frank, Sr., a Revolutionary War veteran from Philadelphia. The northern border is formed with the towns of Concord and Sardinia in Erie County, and the south border is created by the towns of Ellicottville and East Otto. To the west is the town of East Otto. The east boundary is formed by the towns of Machias and Yorkshire.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Ashford is the home of several beloved regional assets. The town and Cattaraugus Creek are on the county’s northern border among the beautiful Enchanted Mountains of Cattaraugus County. It’s also known as “home to Griffis Sculpture Park a 400-acre park which holds the distinction of being America’s largest and oldest sculpture park.” In addition, Ashford is “known for its abundance of snowmobile trails which link to Erie County snowmobile trails to the north.” (Source: Enchanted Mountains)

Harvest of History focuses on the history of agriculture in New York State, and it offers an interdisciplinary program for fourth-grade teachers. The site contains a page for Ashford.

The town’s dog control office has a Facebook page to share information about lost/found dogs, rabies clinics, and other timely topics.

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