Wellness Wednesday: National Physical Fitness and Sports Month in May

Remember all those New Year’s resolutions you made back in January? How are you doing with those goals?

So many people include physical fitness and a commitment to sports participation as part of a healthy lifestyle. Admittedly, it can be tough to stay true to those aims. As the weather shakes off the cold and damp air and the days get longer, the appeal of getting outside and being more physically active becomes stronger.

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month – a perfect opportunity to refocus and recommit to healthy activities. We’ll start with the standard warning – consult with your healthcare provider before beginning any exercise program.

  • Locally, we have walking trails and parks for leisurely strolls or bike rides. Take a friend and turn it into a social event.
  • Fitness centers and gyms offer exercise machines and instructor-led classes. This option is helpful if you want a more structured approach to physical activity.
  • There are area softball leagues and other team activities that are happy to have new members.
  • Swim! Municipal pools, schools, local lakes and your own backyard are places to stay cool and stay active over the summer.
  • Get kids involved! Toss a Frisbee or baseball, run around a playground, set up a few permanent lawn games or an obstacle course…the creative possibilities go on and on.

Remember to apply sunscreen liberally and wear appropriate hats and clothing if you’re active outside. And stay hydrated by drinking water before you feel thirsty.

What will you do in May to mark Physical Fitness and Sports Month? Stay updated with news on how Bertrand Chaffee Hospital is contributing to improving public health on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/bchspringville.

Kara Kane, Community Relations Coordinator
Board member, Springville Area Chamber of Commerce